FY 6800 Generator as Beacon



The FY6800 generator is a good product. Why?

HF full band, schematics, open source code and lot of inputs/outputs to control it.

Just connect an Arduino on TX/RX and Trig/Vco inputs to create BPSK , RTTY, Hellschreiber, CW, WSPR beacon.

FY6800 beacon features:

  • LF, HF full band.
  • Power : 19dbm on 40 meters.
  • Modes : BPSK , RTTY, Hellschreiber, CW, WSPR.
  • Trigger input for FSK modulation.
  • VCO input for FM modulation.
  • Arduino UNO
  • LCD 4×20 display.
  • RTC (for WSPR)
  • Breadboard wiring.

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FY 6800 Generator as Beacon

Standalone HAM modulation generator

RTTY, Hellschreiber, WSPR, CW, PSK and QPSK 31,63,125

beacon light


  •    Audio modulation
  •    CIV system control
  •    Avoid using PC
  •    RTC DS3231 (no GPS)
  •    Mode « Standalone »
  •    PTT output (for older TRX)
  •    Cost € 20

The Standalone modulation generator is based on the following components:

  •     Arduino NANO
  •     DS3231 Module
  •     MAX232

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Standalone HAM modulation generator

PHSNA with an Arduino


Article pdf en Francais ici

What is a PHSNA?

This comes from the term « Poor Ham’s Scalar Network Analyzer » It is just a sheap antenna analyser.

PHSNA Features :

  • Analysis band: 1 to 30Mhz
  • Ad9850 or AD9851
  • Arduino UNO
  • Remote Display: autonomous mode (optional not yet developed)
  • Wheatstone bridge measurement coupled with an AD8307
  • 1206 CMS Components (Ebay Listing here Bill Of Materials For phsarduino)
  • Cost between 20 € and 30 €

PCBs are available, if you are interested, send me an email :

f4goh  at orange.fr

(8.5€ including shipping to France, 11€ international)

Now, PCB are available with SMT mounted, connectors, era2sm.



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PHSNA with an Arduino



Sommaire :

1 Radioamateur c’est Quoi ?

2 Bon d’accord, mais il y a internet !

3 Qu’est ce l’on peut faire ?

3-1 La phonie
3-2 Le morse CW
3-3 Les modes numériques RTTY, PSK31
3-4 La géo-localisation APRS
3-5 La radio par satellite
3-6 La transmission d’images SSTV, DRM
3-7 La radio orientation
3-8 La capture d’images météo
3-9 Quoi d’autre ?

4 Je veux débuter, je commence par quoi ?

4-1 Le Club
4-2 Ecoute, surfe et bricole.

5 Notions élémentaires

5-1 Les bandes de fréquences
5-2 La formule
5-3 Quelques antennes

6 Préparer la licence
7 Lexique

Tous ces chapitres son détaillés dans ce fichier PDF (14 pages) en français :ham_tuto

73 F4GOH


Multipurpose Beacon



Do WSPR, JT65, PSK beacon, APRS tracking, APRS decode, weather station, antenna analyser, modem with the same hardware. All controlled by HTML pages with wifi access point. Then use your smartphone to manage the boards.

This beacon is built around 3 elements :

  • An esp8266 as ESPDUINO (blue board),
  • A sheild (white board) with  connectors, Arduino and SX1278 (UHF),
  • A DRA818 adapter (red adapter),
  • An AD9850/51 adapter (red adapter).

The red adapters can’t fit on sheild at the same time, you must choose one of them (HF or VHF).

Multipurpose Beacon characteristics:

  • Simple design with the cheapest hardware,
  • ESP8266 as wifi point access,
  • CTRL beacon by HTML pages in ESP8266,
  • Arduino Pgm upload with ESP micro USB,
  • I2C expander for BME280, etc…
  • SX1278 controled by ESP8266,
  • DRA818 adapter for APRS tracker with decode,
  • Mp3 player for automatic vocal messages (catalex module),
  • AD9850/51 adapter for HF beacon or scalar analyser antenna,
  • RJ11 connector for winds sensors,
  • HF Beacon (PSK, QPSK, JT65, WSPR, RTTY)
  • optional AD9833 for simple HF beacon
  • Cost 50€ max,
  • Project under construction. software not finished yet. (December 2017)
  • PCB availabled soon

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Multipurpose Beacon

ESP8266 Weather Station



Generally weather stations are very expensive. You need also a computer or a raspberry to upload data on an APRS server. The weather station described here is very simple. Just an esp8266 and a BME280 (Cost 7$). For the moment the station measure temperature, humidity, pressure. In some weeks, I add wind speed and direction. Measurements are uploaded to an APRS server automatically. Weather datas are also logged into esp8266. So you can draw curves with LibreOffice Calc. Time is synchronized with NTP (Network Time Protocol). You don’t need to compil source code. I add configuration menu into ESP8266.

Esp8266 include a little web page to see Weather datas.

Weather station characteristics:

  • Simple design.
  • Upload datas on APRS server
  • NTP sync
  • Data logger
  • BME280
  • ESP8266 (all versions)
  • Can be installed outdoors (power supply and case not described yet)
  • Configuration menu
  • Web page included
  • Wind Speed and direction (in few weeks esp12 only)
  • Cost 7€ max
  • No HAM licence required


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ESP8266 Weather Station

HF Automatic tuner


Introduction :

Generally Automatic Atu are very expensive.

However the atu is composed essentially of relays commanding inductors and capacitors. Most of the time the L match circuit is used. For several months I have been thinking about a way to make one around an Arduino and using economic cards.  It will not be necessary to spend more than 70$ for an ATU of 100W.

In addition it can be installed outdoors and controlled remotely by an rs485 link

ATU characteristics:

  • Modular design.
  • Up to 100W or more (not tested)
  • Tandem match detector
  • Arduino nano CPU.
  • Remote controller by RS485
  • Balun integrated symmetric and asymmetric output
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • SWR and POWER meter.
  • Ajustable trigger power (lower than 1W)
  • Simple protocol between ATU and remote control
  • Cost 70$ max without box

The ATU is based on modular cards:

  • Arduino
  • 12V Relais x8 (two cards)
  • 12V Relais x2
  • 4×20 LCD display.
  • PCF8574 expander.
  • Specials PCB for detector

Pcb available mail me :  f4goh@orange.fr

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HF Automatic tuner

D-STAR Modem


Par F4GOH : f4goh@orange.fr

Caractéristiques :

  • Modem 4800bps
  • Compatible D-STAR pour le mode DATA sans matériel ICOM.
  • FAST et SLOW mode
  • Banque mémoire pour 16 Répéteurs et 16 « your call sign »
  • Afficheur LCD 4×20
  • Utilisable directement avec D-rats
  • Compatible avec RS-MS1A (liaison bluetooth : module HC-06)
  • Utilisable avec un TRX disposant de la prise packet
  • Cout 50€

Le modem est basé sur les circuits suivants :

  • Arduino NANO
  • Module NODEMCU 0.9 ESP8266
  • CMX589

Pcb available mail me :  f4goh@orange.fr

1 Introduction

Cela fait maintenant presque un an que je m’intéresse à la transmission de données numériques en FM avec d’un TRX classique disposant de la connexion Packet (mini din 6 broches).

Mon objectif étant de transmettre un fichier informatique en simplex, j’ai découvert la GMSK (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying), puis différents protocoles qui utilisent cette technologie.

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D-STAR Modem

HF Arduino Vna (english version)



The main characteristics of Vna analyzer are:

  • HF : 1 MHz à 60MHz
  • Reflection and transmission analysis
  • Uses the DL2SBA Jvna software
  • Mode « Standalone »
  • LCD display 4 × 20
  • Bluetooth with Blue VNA Androïd software
  • Scrolling menu by rotary encoder
  • Cost € 50 without Bluetooth Module

The VNA is based on the following components:

  • Arduino NANO
  • Module ad9851
  • ad8302

ebay-links : components list

Pcb available mail me :  f4goh@orange.fr
Introduction :

This HF VNA is an adaptation of the scheme described in the Russian site RA4NAL. I use an Arduino Nano and system measurement on the same board. I add rotary encoder and lcd display to use the VNA in standalone mode. The PC software is Jvna same as miniVna from  DL2SBA.

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HF Arduino Vna (english version)