VHF Beacon and APRS Tracker (English version)


This little low cost FM transmitting card can be used for different applications, like:

  • APRS Tracker
  • APRS WX station
  • APRS for sounding balloon
  • Fox hunt
  • Beacon for emergency exercice

Most of the time , the transmission of an APRS signal is AFSK , that is to say, an electronic card is connected to the BF input of a conventional transceiver. This is often bulky and power hungry.

The proposed system is totally different from what he usually does is because the electronic card includes the FM transmitter, the AX25 / APRS protocol and decoding NMEA frame.


  • Large VHF coverage (50 MHz to 200 MHz)
  • low cost (25/30$)
  • APRS protocol included
  • FM AX25 modulation
  • 4,8V power voltage
  • Input / output connector (GPS, Sensors)
  • Lower consummation
  • 0.5W VHF POWER

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VHF Beacon and APRS Tracker (English version)

HF Arduino Vna

01 carte

Par F4GOH : f4goh@orange.fr

Caractéristiques :

  • HF : 1 MHz à 60MHz
  • Analyse en Réflexion et transmission
  • Utilise le logiciel Jvna de DL2SBA
  • Mode « Standalone »
  • Afficheur LCD 4×20
  • Mode Bluetooth avec Blue VNA
  • Navigation dans le menu par encoder rotatif
  • Cout 50€ hors module bluetooth

Le VNA est basé sur les circuits suivants :

  • Arduino NANO
  • Module ad9851
  • ad8302

ebay-links : components list

Pcb disponible

Pcb available mail me :  f4goh@orange.fr


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HF Arduino Vna