ESP8266 Weather Station



Generally weather stations are very expensive. You need also a computer or a raspberry to upload data on an APRS server. The weather station described here is very simple. Just an esp8266 and a BME280 (Cost 7$). For the moment the station measure temperature, humidity, pressure. In some weeks, I add wind speed and direction. Measurements are uploaded to an APRS server automatically. Weather datas are also logged into esp8266. So you can draw curves with LibreOffice Calc. Time is synchronized with NTP (Network Time Protocol). You don’t need to compil source code. I add configuration menu into ESP8266.

Esp8266 include a little web page to see Weather datas.

Weather station characteristics:

  • Simple design.
  • Upload datas on APRS server
  • NTP sync
  • Data logger
  • BME280
  • ESP8266 (all versions)
  • Can be installed outdoors (power supply and case not described yet)
  • Configuration menu
  • Web page included
  • Wind Speed and direction (in few weeks esp12 only)
  • Cost 7€ max
  • No HAM licence required


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ESP8266 Weather Station