Multipurpose Beacon



Do WSPR, JT65, PSK beacon, APRS tracking, APRS decode, weather station, antenna analyser, modem with the same hardware. All controlled by HTML pages with wifi access point. Then use your smartphone to manage the boards.

This beacon is built around 3 elements :

  • An esp8266 as ESPDUINO (blue board),
  • A sheild (white board) with  connectors, Arduino and SX1278 (UHF),
  • A DRA818 adapter (red adapter),
  • An AD9850/51 adapter (red adapter).

The red adapters can’t fit on sheild at the same time, you must choose one of them (HF or VHF).

Multipurpose Beacon characteristics:

  • Simple design with the cheapest hardware,
  • ESP8266 as wifi point access,
  • CTRL beacon by HTML pages in ESP8266,
  • Arduino Pgm upload with ESP micro USB,
  • I2C expander for BME280, etc…
  • SX1278 controled by ESP8266,
  • DRA818 adapter for APRS tracker with decode,
  • Mp3 player for automatic vocal messages (catalex module),
  • AD9850/51 adapter for HF beacon or scalar analyser antenna,
  • RJ11 connector for winds sensors,
  • HF Beacon (PSK, QPSK, JT65, WSPR, RTTY)
  • optional AD9833 for simple HF beacon
  • Cost 50€ max,
  • Project under construction. software not finished yet. (December 2017)
  • PCB availabled soon

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Multipurpose Beacon