Grove Beginner Kit

Grove Beginner Kit

Most people who want to learn programming on Arduino Uno use tutorials on the internet. These can be blogs or videos. Of course, you will have to buy some material in order to realize small projects that are not too complicated, such as :

  • Blinking a led;
  • Generate a sound;
  • Display text;
  • Perform an action with a push button;
  • Read a temperature, pressure, humidity;
  • Detect a noise;
  • Detect ambient light.

Seeedstudio’s Grove Beginner Kit environment is an « all-in-one » solution with a programming board compatible with an Arduino Uno and a set of sensors and displays already wired. The user only has to concentrate on the programming part while analyzing the links between the microcontroller and the 10 grove peripherals. It only takes a quarter of an hour to carry out the first programming.

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Grove Beginner Kit